Reevesville Reunions

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Reevesville Nicknames
Since September 1998, a group of folks have gathered once a year, usually the last weekend of September, to celebrate and share fond memories, old pictures, and old tales of days gone by in the small community of Reevesville, Illinois, USA.   Several people had mentioned and desired such a get-together for many years.  However, it took the action of one individual, Wayne Burnham, to get it started.  Back in the 1950's and 60's, Wayne used to "hang out", as scores of others did, at the ICRR Cafe - better know as the Reevesville Restaurant.  Once Wayne got us together for the 1st "Reevesville Restaurant Reunion", it has since been an annual event.  The name has since changed to "The Reevesville Reunion" because we didn't want to limit it to old patrons of the restaurant.  Matter of fact, past and present residents of Reevesville and anyone with ties to the surrounding communities of Grantsburg, Benton, New Columbia, Big Bay, and Massac and Pope Counties are invited and welcome to share in the fun.

22nd Annual Reunion 2020 is CANCELLED due Covid 19
 Next Reunion will be September 25th, 2021
 Reevesville Community Church Recreation Building.

September 29, 2007, More than 100 friends, neighbors and family recently attended the 10th annual Reevesville Reunion.  This was the first year the reunion has actually been held in the small Johnson County community. Past reunions were held at various locations in the Metropolis area.

 The first reunion was named the Reevesville “Restaurant” Reunion because in the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s the restaurant was a popular nightspot and hangout for people from miles around. The name was changed because of the desire to make everyone in and around the community feel welcome.

 Train crews, operating passing steam engines, always looked forward to make the stop to refuel their trains with coal and water and eat some of the finest home style cooking to be found anywhere along the route. As diesel power came to replace steam, the I.C. Café, as it was then known, continued operating for several years from support of the public that came to know it as home of great food and entertainment. Everyone looked forward to the live music and dancing and pinochle and pinball that remained popular weekend activities.

 This year everyone not only enjoyed meeting old and new friends but were pleasantly surprised to find plenty of great live entertainment. Thanks to Richard Wright rounding up a special group of musicians, the afternoon was topped off with songs reminiscent of times past.  Accompanying Richard of Golconda, was Wayne Sticker, Boaz. Dick Farmer, Vienna. Clifford Helm, Metropolis. Carol Kinneman, Reevesville. LeeRoy Stafford, Reevesville. Clifford was an original in that he used to play and entertain while patrons dined and danced at the restaurant.

 Thanks to everyone that came and be sure to mark your calendars for the 11th reunion, which has already been scheduled for Sept 27, 2008 at the Reevesville Community Church Recreation Center.

Unfortunately, we do not have a list of those attending in 1998, but listed below are the names as they were signed in the registry for the following years. Hopefully, no one has been omitted.
Barb (Stafford) & Bob Konemann, Kenneth Grisham, George & Judy Troutt, Lowell & Linda Troutt, Bruce Cummins, John & Delilah Winn, Herbert & Sorrita Alsip, Jim & Wanda Bazor, Gladys Holder (Dunn), Lee McCandless, Rebecca Ramey, Lee Dunn, Rose & Darrell Harris, Lora Brown, Agnes Henderson, Dale & Jan Bateman, Elry Faulkner, Bernice Troutt Hayes, Andy Evans, Michele Longworth (Metropolis Planet), Fred & Louella (Troutt) Parks, Stanley Barger, Norma (troutt) Barger, Janie (Wright) Wilkey, Tennie Hutchison, Virgil Grisham, Geraldine (Troutt) Grisham, Tuffy & Brenda Troutt, Jeanette Shreves, Faith Haney (Kean), Donna Kean Hutchison, LeeRoy & Karolyn Stafford, Silas Goodson, Lowell Tom Johnson, John & Sharron Ramsey, Georgia Stafford, Marion & Amy Wright, John Burnett, Bob Rushing, Dixie (Troutt) Deel, Rudy & Arlene Wright, Ward Casper, Juanita Hooten (Casper), Raymond Crockett, Pam & Wayne Burnham.
George & Judy Troutt, Norma Welch, Dale & Jan Bateman, Lora Faulkner Brown, Louella Parks, Darrell & Rose Harris, Agnes Henderson, Herb & Sorrita Alsip, John & Delilah Winn, Wimpy Stafford, Jim Rushing, Bobby D. Jones, Jeanette Shreeves, Bob & Barb (Stafford) Koneman and Gracie & Ben Fisher, Lena Troutt, Lowell & Linda Troutt, Lowell Johnson, Minnie Glass Wilfong, Bernice Hayes Troutt, Gladys Travis, Erma Corzine, Becky Ramey, Lee Dunn, Hannah Ramey (Palmer), Lucille Ramsey Novatnek, Robert Reid, Dennis & Donna Fowler, Freda Fowler Broadway, Thelma Fowler Behyme, Gladys Dunn Holder, Allen Dunn & Family, Paulaine Brown, Wilma Bass, Clifford & Wanda Helm, Mary Juanita Casper Hooten, Edward McBride, Charles & Marilyn Fowler, Mr & Mrs LeeRoy Stafford, Bill & Mary Lou (Slack) Barger, Joyce (Shaw) Taylor, David & Dixie Deel, Dennis & Janey Wilkey, Fred & Lois Scheffres.
Wayne Burnham, Tuffy & Brenda Troutt, Jimmy & Wanda Bazor, George & Judy Toutt and Dillon, Bruce Cummins, David & Dixie (Troutt) Deel, Bob & Terry & Samantha Rushing, Mary Smith, Jim Rushing, Louella Parks, Gladys Travis, Erma Corzine (Brenningmeyer), LeeRoy & Karolyn Stafford, Barb & Bob Konemann and Gracie & Ben Fisher, Kathy (Choate) Lane, Carol (Choate) Pennington, Dickie & Aletha Boyd, Hartley & Lois Bates, Arlene & Rudy Wright, Lowell & Linda Troutt, Lucille Ramsey Novatnek, John Ramsey, Herb & Sorrita Alsip, John Winn, Lowell Tommy Johnson, Mary Johnson (?),
Barb & Bob Konemann, Bobby Konemann, Brenda Johnson (?), Sara Johnson Guess, LeeRoy Stafford, Bernice Troutt Hayes, Janice Kay Lemasters (Belcher), Louella Troutt Parks, Erma Corzine, Bruce & Paula Cummins, Lucille Ramsey Novatnek, Dixie & David Deel, Mary Juanita Adams (Casper), Ward & Norma Casper, Sandy Snyder (Crockett), Wimpy Stafford, Kathy Choate Lane, Marion & Hope Wright, Carol Pennington, Thomas Sebastian, Mr & Mrs Bill Bager, Francis (Wieneke) Mittendorf and Julie & Son, Sharon Wieneke Hepburn, Wilma Bass (Casper), Doris Baker, Linda Hartford, George & Judy Troutt, Dallas & Janice Stafford, Pauline Casper Brown, Kenny Wagener, Dennis & Janie Wilkey, Lora Brown, Agnes Henderson Faulkner, Elry Faulkner, William & Virginia Farmer Gordon, Mary Lou Slack Barger, Gladys Blades Dunn Holder, John Burnett, James Wright, Herbert & Sorrita Alsip, John Winn, Doug & Brandi & Remi & Ben Fisher, Gerald Taylor and Amy and Mary Alexis, Amy Taylor, Bill & Alice Smock, Jeanette Shreeves, Lois (Shaw) Marlman, Bob Fisher, Joyce Taylor (Shaw), Rudy Wright, Betty (Fowler) Gale & Husband,
Alma & Alvin Griffith, Barb Koneman (Stafford) & Bobby, Jeanette Shreeves, Bruce & Paula Cummins, LeeRoy Stafford, Dixie Deel, Jim Bazor, Louella Parks, Barbara Alsip Walker, Betty Alsip Black, Joyce Alsip Armour, Tuffy & Brenda Troutt, George & Judy Troutt, Lucille Ramsey Novatnek, Erma Corzine, Barbara Ramsey Harper, Peggy Ramsey Botterman, Wanda Nelson Elliott, Pamala (Slack) Williamson, Thomas & Mary Lou (Ramsey) Dickerson, Lois Alsip Leach, Alberta Canup, Norma (Canup) Carlton, Carol Choate Pennington, Thomas Sebastian, Kathyrn Choate Lane, Shirley Cummins Wolfe, Gerald & Anna Lou (Stuart) Duty & Sheila, Rosemary & Lowell Helm, Janice (Belcher) Lemasters, LArry Lemasters, James Dunn, John Burnett, Lowell & Linda Troutt, Pauline Brown, Juanita Adams, Wilma Bass, Shelly & Madelyn Stewart, Connie Dover & Husband, Betty Gale (Choate), Joyce Choate, Bob Leroy Bates, Phyllis & Richard Wright, Jimmy Shreeves, Stacy LAmbert (Shreeves), James Shreeves, Veronian Shreeves, John Ramsey, Herb & Sorrita Alsip, John Winn, Rudolf & Arlenme Wright, Tom Johnson, Brandi & Remi & Ben Fisher
Ruby South, Margaret Sue Cooper Klem, Bruce & Paula Cummins, LeeRoy Stafford, Jimmy & Veronica Shreeves, Donnie & Ruth Shreeves, Erma Corzine, Bernice Hayes, Dixie Deel, louella Parks, Pamela Slack Nelson Williamson, Wansda Nelson Elliott, Jim Bazor, Helen Belcher Bullock, Betty Choate Gale, Alex Funk, Kathryn Lane, Carol Choate Pennington, Marion & Hope Wright, Peggy Bacon, Shelly & Madelyn Stewart, Paul & Lana Joliff, Glady Blades Holder, Rosemary & Lowell Helm, Joyce & Bud Choate, Mary Lou Barger Slack, Lowell & Linda Troutt, Lowell Johnson, Clifford & Wanda Helm, Herb & Sorrita Alsip, Tuffy & Brenda Troutt, Gerald & Anna Lou Stuart Duty, Joey Troutt, Earl & Dixie Hunerkoch, Mike Wallace, Richard & Phyllis Wright
Bruce Cummins, Lowell Troutt, Dale Bateman, Christopher Troutt, John Burnett, Jim Bazor, George & Judy Troutt, JAmes & Veronicxa Shreeves, James & renda Troutt, Kathy Lane, Phyllis & Richard Wright, Erma Brenningmeyer Corzine, Dixie Deel, Lowell & Rosemary Helm & granddaughter, Allie. Louella Parks, Joey Troutt, Jerry Carter, Charlie "Bud" & Joyce Choate, Marion & Hope Wright, Rudy & Arlene Wright, Blanche Watson, Peggy Bacon, Clifford & Wanda Helm, Glkenda Wright Arrison, Michell Wright Cochran, Pamala Slack Nelson Williamson, Wanda Nelson Elliott, Carol Choate Pennington & Bill, Herb & Sorrita Alsip.
George & Judy Troutt, John & Wanda Burnett, Jim & Wanda Bazor, Herb & Sorrita Alsip, Glenda Wright Arrison, Dickie & Connie Mathis, Erma Corzine, Barb & Bobby Koneman, Dennis & Janie Wilkey, Clifford & Wanda Helm, Arlene Wright, Michell Wright Cochran, Trinity Emery, Bob Koneman, Wayne & Linda Burnham, Gerald & Anna Lou Stuart Duty
Joey Troutt, Paul & Lana Jolliff, LeeRoy Stafford, Mike Wallace, Mike & Debbie & Kayla Stafford, Barb Stafford Koneman & Bobby, Brucde & Paula Cummins, Betty Choate Gale, Alex Funk, Erma Corzine, Marion & Hope Wright, George & Judy Troutt, Tom & Glenda Arrison, Joyce Shaw Taylor, Francis Wieneke Mittendorf, Clifford & Wanda Helm, David & Sharon Helm, Carol & Ronnie Kineman, Richard & Phyllis Wright, Rudy & Arlene Wright, Earl & Dixie Hunerkock, Bill & Connie Cato Dover & Son, David & Dixie Deel, Joyce Choate, Earl & Lois Shaw Marlman, John & Wanda Burnett, Russel & Maxine McBride, Doug, Brandi, Remi, Ben fisher, Lois Wright Scheffres, Dennis & Janie Wright Wilkey, Barbara Fowler Leigh, Louell Troutt Parks, Carol Pennington, Sharon Hepburn, Jim & Wanda Bazor, Joellen Burnett Newberry, Judy Burnett Murley, Lowell & Rosemary Helm, Dorris Baker, Limda Hortford, Thomas & Mary Wright, Sue Brenningmeyer, Elry Faulkner, Dickie & Connie Mathis, Brenda Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Sara Johnson Guess, Kathryn Choate Lane, Amy "Pootie" Richey, Steve & Linda Strandberg, Dallas & Janice Stafford, Gerald & Anna Lou Stewart Duty, Gracie Parrish, Kenneth Stafford, Richard Chapman, Francis & Wayne Stricker, Edna Ozment, Shelly & MAdy & JAse Stewart, Dickie Boyd, Joan Dowd, Kenneth & Gerry Grisham, Illa Wieneke, Paula Harmon.
Richard & Phyllis Wright, Wayne & Frances Stricker, Dick & Ella (Jaco) Norris, George & Judy Troutt, Marion Wright, LeeRoy Stafford, Carolyn Doman, Dixie & David Deel, Silas, Linda & Peggy Goodson, Mary (Johnson) Smith, Barb (Stafford) & Bobby Koneman and Remi & Ben Fisher, Kathy (Choate) Lane, Carol (Choate) Pennington, Paul & Lana (Troutt) Joliff, Sara (Johnson) Guess, Brenda Johnson, Joey Troutt, Mike & Linda Wallace, Earl & Dixie Hunerkoch, Betty (Choate) Gale, Phyllis (Fowler) Jones, Sue (Bazor) Brenningmeyer, Sharon (Wieneke) Hepburn, Illa Mae Wieneke, Louella Parks, John(?), James B Troutt, Joyce Choate, Jerry Carter, Dennis & Janie (Wright) Wilkey, Bob & Judy (Burnett) Murley, Lois Sheffres (Wright), Bud & Lou Buttrum, Ruthie Buttrum, Ashley Cooper, Jordan Cooper, Connie Mathis, Richard Mathis, Richard & Shelly (Cummins) and Madelyn & Jase Stewart, Dallas & Janice Stafford, Elry Faulkner, Jessie Averitt, Bennett Fisher,John & Wanda Burnett, Lowell Troutt, Ernest & Frances Ramsey, Dallas & Bonita Davis, Lowell & Rosemary (Burnett) Helm, Tanner, Billy & Rachel Thomas, Carla Troutt, Richard Boyd, Wimpy & Alice (Hemphill) Stafford, Erma Corzine, Jimmy & Wanda Bazor, Joan (Cummins) Dowd, David Helm, Fred & Barbara (Wright) Bacon, Earl & Faye Bowman, Joellen (Burnett) Newberry, Wayne Helm, Jeannie (Bazor) Mathis, Glenda (Wright) Arrison, Rudy & Arlene Wright, Bruce & Paula Cummins and Brandon & Courtney, Gladys Street, Jimmie Street, David Boyd, Barbara (Fowler) Leigh, J.E. Cox, Kenneth Stafford

George & Judy Troutt,  
Glenda Arrison (Wright)
Herb & Sorrita Alsip & Granddaughter
Terry & Carla Hainline
Jerry Hainline
Mary Smith
Mr & Mrs Freddie Funk & Alexandra
Louella Parks & Son
Ray & Fran Buttrum
Paul & Lana (Troutt) Jolliff
Madelyn, Jase & Shelly Stewart
Dixie (Troutt) & David Deel
Bruce & Paula Cummins
Marion Wright
Paula Harmon
Wayne & Kay Helm
James “Tuffy” Troutt
Clifford & Wanda Helm
Silas, Linda & Peggy Goodson
Bud & Lou Buttrum & Ruthie
Joel “Joey” Troutt
Barb (Stafford) Koneman & Bobby
Carol (Choate) McCoy
Kathy (Choate) Lane
Gladys Holder & Larry Robbins
Laura & Lee Dunn
Dallas & Janice Stafford
Kenneth Stafford & Gracie
LeeRoy Stafford
Richard Chapman
Butch Wright
Robert Wright, Jr
Thomas Wright
John Burnett
J E Cox
Lowell Troutt
Wayne Burnham
Marion Wright
Joyce Choate
Betty (Choate) Gale & Grandson
Dennis & Janie Wilkey (Wright)
Lois (Wright) Scheffres
Fred & Barbara (Wright) Bacon
Dickie & Connie Mathis
Earl Hunerkoch
Julie & Tanner Wilke
Carla, Alexis, Katie & Madilyn Frazine
Frances & Dale Mittendorf
Pam Troutt Bates
Brandi, Remi & Ben Fisher
Elry Faulkner
Michelle Cochran (Glenda Wright)

Norma Troutt Barger,
Stanley Barger
Marion Wright
Lee Roy Stafford
David & Dixie (Troutt) Deel
Bruce & Paula Cummins
Joan Dowd
Clifford & Wanda Helm
Bud & Lou Buttrum
Ruthie Buttrum
Lowell & Rosemary Helm
Lakin & Allie Reed & Chase
Don Street
Louella Parks
Jimmy Parks
Tuffy & Brenda Troutt
Jim & Wanda Bazor
Carol Choate McCoy
Dallas & Janice Stafford
Kathy Lane
Herb & Sorrita Alsip
Jerry Carter & Daughter-In-Law
Charlie & Norma Moore - Buttrum
Jim & Jan Whitlock
Bobby & Barb (Stafford) Koneman
Nelda & James Thompson
Dennis & Janie Wilkey
Fred & Barbara (Wright) Bacon
Winster & Laura Dunn
Gladys Holder & Friend
Dickie & Connie Mathis
Rudy & Arlene Wright
Marilyn Wright Verkamman & Justin
Lois Wright Scheffres
Elry Faulkner
John & Wanda Burnett
Glenda Wright Arrison
Kenneth Stafford
Gracie Parrish
Richard Chappman
Lois (Shaw) Marlman
Betty (Choate) Gale
Shelly, Mady & Jase Stewart
Doug, Remi, Ben Fisher
Lowell & Linda Troutt
Dale & Frances Mittendorf
Illa Wieneke
Anna Lou (Stewart) Duty
Wayne Helm
Aleatha & Dicky Boyd
James Wright
Thomas Wright
J E Cox
David Helm
Bob Krug
Christian Stafford
Joyce Choate
David & Maye Boyd
Jim, Tammy Hall & Daughter

2011 Reevesville Reunion Attendance:

James “Fireball” Buttrum,  David Boyd,  Bobby Koneman,  George & Mary Morency,  Charles Moore & Noma Buttrum Moore

Robert “Butch” Wright,  Thomas Wright,  James Wright,  Lois Wright Sheffres,  Paul & Lana Troutt Joliff,  Larry Roins,  John Troutt

Louella Parks,  Doug, Remy & Ben Fisher,  Wayne Helm,  Dickie Boyd,  Anna Stuart Duty,  Marilyn Wright Verkamman & Justin

Shelly, Mady & Jase Stuart,  Bud & Lou Buttrum,  Dora Copeland & Great Granddaughter,  Brenda Johnson,  Fred & Barbara Wright Bacon

Dickie & Connie Mathis,  John & Wanda Burnett,  Joellen Burnett Newberry,  Linda Burnett Burnam,  Marlene Johnson,  Jim & Wanda Bazor

Linda & Peggy Goodson,  Bruce & Paula Cummins,  George & Judy Troutt,  Joyce Choate,  Kagen Brown,  Jerry Carter

Lowell & Rosemary Burnett Helm,  Dennis & Janie Wright Wilkey,  David & Dixie Troutt Deel,  Gladys Dunn Holder,  Lee Dunn

Betty Gale (Choate),  Bob & Barb Stafford Koneman,  Jerry & Mary Smith,  Glenda Wright Arrison,  Kathy Lane (Choate)

Carol (Choate) McCoy,  Marion Wright,  Larry & Sara Guess,  Lee Roy Stafford

Next Reunion Scheduled for Sept 29th, 2012

10am – 4pm. Potluck @ Noon

@ Reevesville Community Church

2016.     Larry & Sara Guess, Judy Troutt, Barb & Bobby Koneman, Bruce & Paula Cummins, Mary Smith, Brenda Johnson, John & Mary Burnett, Louella Parks, David Oliver, Dixie Deel, Glenda (Wright) Arrison, Dennis & Janie (Wright) Wilkey, Earl & Dixie Hunnerkoch, Bud & Lou Buttrum, Ruthie Buttrum, Doug & Brandi & Remi & Ben Fisher, Bill & Anna Lou Stuart Klubacker, Gregory Shires, Betty Smock, Mary Buttrum Morency, Lee & Laura Dunn, Gladys Holder, Joyce Choate, Dickie & Connie Mathis, Phil Dowd, Jerry Carter, Tim & Jodi & Olivia Stafford, Donald & Norma Canup Carlton, LeeRoy Stafford, J.E. Cox, Dallas & Janice Stafford, Thomas Wright, James Wright, Gladys Street, Tony Dowd, Wayne & Kay Helm, Lois A, (Wright) Scheffres, Sharon & Larry Burris, Elry Faulkner, Paul & Lana (Troutt) Joliff, Joey Troutt, Robert Troutt.

2017.    Clifford & Wanda Helm, Bruce & Paula Cummins, Gerald Taylor, Thomas Wright, LeeRoy Stafford, Joyce Choate, Jerry & Jeannene Carter, Bubba Carter, Paul & Lana Troutt Joliff, Sue Brenningmeyer, Sara Johnson Guess, Brenda Johnson, Mary Smith, Glenda Wright Arrison, Bud & Lou Buttrum, Ruthie Buttrum, Betty Smock, Mary Buttrum Morency, Charles & Norma Moore, Jimmy & Wanda Bazor, Dennis & Janie Wright Wilkey, Doug & Brandi & Ben & Remi Fisher, Barb & Bob Koneman, Betty Gale, J.E. Cox, Frances Wieneke Mittendorf, Elgie & Ann Rottman, Sharon Wieneke Hepburn, Paul Harmon, Tony & Gisela Okerson, Barbara Leigh (Fowler), Judy Troutt, (Bubba) James Lowell Carter, Cathy Padgitt, Thomas Lowell Payne, Diana Payne, Wayne Helm, Dickie & Connie Mathis, Dixie Deel & Tim, Louella Parks, Tuffy Troutt, Norma & Donald Carlton (Canup), Linda Burnett Slone, Marilyn Wright - Verkamman, Lon & Sue Hemphill, Joey Troutt, Elry Faulkner, David Boyd, Gracie Parrish, Richard Chapman, Ann & Elgie Rottman, Nacy LaVeau & Hayden, Phyllis (Fowler) Jones, Lois Scheffers (Wright), Blake Cummins, Jase Stewart, Madelyn Stewart.

2018.   Attending:     Larry & Sara Guess, Jerry & Jeannene Carter, Joyce Choate, Barbara & Bob Koneman, Mike Bowman, Bud & Lou Buttrum,  Ruthie Buttrum, Betty Smock,  Mary Buttrum Moreney, Dennis & Janie Wright Wilkey, Brenda Johnson, Bruce & Paula Cummins, Silas, Linda & Peggy Goodson, Glenda Wright Arrison, Louella Troutt Parks, Paul & Lana Troutt Joliff, Joey Troutt, Corey & Peyton & Mylee Fraser, Charles Moore, Ray & Fran Buttrum, Sue Bazor Brenningmeyer, Doug & Brandi Fisher, Cathy Padgitt, Dixie Deel, Tim Deel, Jimmie & Lois & Tyler Inman, Elry Faulkner, Rich Staton, Joseph & TJ Klaver, Melinda & Danielle Klaver, Jim Buttrum, Chris & Ken Kulenkamp, Bobby Koneman, Wimpy Stafford, Paul Harmon, James Wright, Mary Smith, Phil & Kathy Dowd.